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Monday, April 27, 2015    

Welcome to the Christian Education area of the life of Hayes Barton Baptist Church!  We are listing below some ways of defining the ministry of Christian Education.  We invite you to browse through the pages that describe our Sunday School program, Bible Studies and Discipleship Development in order to understand some of the specific ways we seek to carry out our Christian Education objectives.  Then, we invite you to participate in as many of those avenues for growth and fellowship as you can!

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What Is Christian Education?  It is . . .

  • Discipleship development - - learning to follow Christ
  • Spiritual as well as cognitive in focus
  • A journey to know God
  • How the people of God learn their mission and purpose
  • How believing people gain vision of the magnitude of their belief
  • How the wise God of the Bible helps his children grow in grace
  • How Christians can be motivated to implement the tasks of the gospel
  • A 'school' for disciples of Jesus Christ who are learning to serve, long for God, share together, and witness to the world
  • An endeavor to create an environment in which personal and spiritual growth can take place through the work of the Holy Spirit
  • An experiential path of fellowship and growth
Here's a good definition!

Christian education is the ongoing effort of believers to understand, practice, and spread God's revelation.  The aim of Christian Education is . . .
   (1) to bring persons to Christ, developing in them an understanding of, commitment to, and ability to practice Christian teachings;
   (2) to involve disciples in discovering the gifts God has given, and to assist them in developing and using these gifts in Christian service.

Definition by Dr. Bruce P. Powers
Langston Professor of Christian Education
Campbell University Divinity School

Now that you know what Christian Education is, take a look at what you will find at Hayes Barton.

Sunday School - Bible Study for All Ages:    A time of Bible study and fellowship on Sunday mornings, beginning at 9:45. Classes are provided for all ages, with a variety of teaching styles and materials. Find a class that's just right for you.

Bible Studies:   A variety of studies, both short-term and on-going, offered throughout the year. Some groups study books of the Bible while others choose topical studies on various life issues and concerns. Read more.

Discipleship Development:   In the Great Commission, Jesus outlined one of the main tasks of the church--to "make disciples." We seek to offer a variety of ways for followers of Christ to grow in faith and service.  Read more.


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